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Question. What is a TELECLASS anyway?

Answer: It's quite simple. It's a CLASSROOM conducted on a CONFERENCE CALL.

Question: Who can participate?

Answer: Anyone

Question: How long do they last?

Answer: Usually about an hour.

Question: How much does it cost?

Answer: Most tuition is FREE. Special topics require a fee. Your only cost is a long distance telephone call. If you have 10 cents a minute, it's a $6.00 charge for the hour instruction.

Question: Who is the instructor?

Answer: Most of the time I will be the host, however I may have a quest instructor from time to time. So keep in touch. Don't miss this opportunity to gain some valuable knowledge.

Question: How do I register?

Answer:   Just find the class you want and click on the Icon and it will automatically register you for the class.  I will return the telephone number to you.


All you need to do is just dial that number and you will be instantly connected with the group, no password, no telephone operators - just like you’d be calling your friend!

  • As you will quickly find out, teleclass is just like being in the room with your colleagues and friends. When it’s time for a participation, participate as you would in any other session - your involvement is important.
  • We will start with personal introductions. It is your opportunity to "plug" your business and tell the rest of the group who you are. Please be brief! You introduction should be no more than 30 seconds - otherwise you will be brutally interrupted.
  • Please return this message with your "signature" - if you would like to be included on the list of attendees which will be distributed after the teleclass (so that others can contact you and even visit your website)
  • When you participate in discussion, please remember that on the teleclass no one can see you, so identify yourself each time saying "Hi, I’m Chris and my question is....."
  • Please call in from a "regular" phone only! No cell, portable, cordless, or speaker phones. They will echo and disrupt the session for everyone.
  • The best time to call is just a 3-5 minutes before scheduled teleclass. Too early and no one will be "home" - too late and you will not be greeted and introduced!
  • Please make sure that you call from a quiet setting. Barking dogs, cats, babies, TV sets and just any other kind of noise in the background are VERY disruptive and distracting.
  • Keep the receiver far away from your mouth to avoid any "heavy breather" effect that most people are not aware of - this also can be very distracting.
  • And finally have a pad and paper nearby - you will want to make notes, as I promise you a lot of valuable information!

THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT. ......................SEE YOU THERE






May 14, 1999

3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Welding Metallurgy