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Bob Miller is a consultant with Clad Technologies Inc., specializing in WEAR TECHNOLOGY.  Bob has spent the past 30 years in a number of disciplines relating to wear and wear products.  Upon discharge from the US Navy, Bob spent the next 5 years in Connecticut, attending college to receive a degree in Metallurgical & Manufacturing Engineering.  He later went on to study at New York University for another two years. His first encounter with the professional world was a short 2 years with a manufacturer of High Frequency welding equipment out of New York.  From there he went to work as a Research Engineer at a major manufacturer of welding electrodes and hardfacing equipment, Teledyne Mckay, in York, Pennsylvania.  There, much of his time was devoted to the development of hardfacing and tool steel tubular welding wires.  He authored a number of papers and received three US Patents.  He became intimately involved with wear testing, hardfacing equipment and applications.  This led him into a marketing position as Hardfacing Product Manager of Mckay. 

An article written in a trade journal by Bob prompted the management at Tricon Metals & Services in Birmingham, Alabama to offer him a position as Cladded Products Manager. There he developed equipment and procedures in the area of Overlay Plate.   He managed the shop for approximately 8 years.

Entrepenurialism called and Bob set out to make it on his own, engaging in the production of Overlay Screw Conveyors.  This eventually led to a three year position with Welding Alloys USA as co-manager of a small Birmingham hardfacing shop.

Two years ago Bob formed a consulting and specialty product service called Clad Technologies Inc.  Bob has been engaged as a consultant and has been offering his services in the areas of wear technology, marketing and training.  He also offers a line of specialty hardfacing products including overlay plate and maintenance packages. He presently resides in Birmingham, Alabama.  Bob remains on the cutting edge of his discipline by offering a host of services via the Internet.  Teleclasses on Welding Metallurgy, Welding Processes, and Marketing are just a few of the subjects planned over the next few months.  Slide presentations, speaking engagements and contractual assignments remain a high priority with him.

If you would like to contact him simply send an email to miller@cladtechnologies.com

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