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What They Say
What They Say!

Rollie Marcotte, President

Almac Machine Works Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

March 22, 1999

To Whom It May Concern:

Almac Machine Works Ltd. has engaged the service of Clad Technologies on a number of occasions. Bob Miller, Consultant, has provided consulting services in the areas of pipe cladding and elbow cladding procedures, as well as machinery design and retrofit.

We at Almac Machine Works Ltd. have found his work to be thorough and complete. From time-to-time, Almac Machine Works Ltd. calls on Mr. Miller for his expertise on a number of cladding related subjects. We have always found him to be helpful and prompt. Almac Machine Works Ltd. would highly recommend the services of Clad Technologies and Mr. Bob Miller.

Yours truly,

Rollie Marcotte, President


Mike Weidmayer

International Operations Science Instruments Co. Baltimore, MD


February 4, 1999

To whom it May Concern:

In my position as Director of International Sales while at Teledyne McKay, I had, over 17 years, many occasions to interact with Bob Miller essentially as a customer requiring technical assistance.

My overseas agents would contact me for various hardsurfacing and wear plate issues pertaining to either our own welding consumables or some new project where they needed to advise their customer. Not being a welding engineer, I required Bob's assistance on projects from virtually every corner of the world.

Of all the engineers I had to relate with, Bob was the most sales oriented, customer focused and articulate in presentation. This was critical when you were dealing in different languages. His appreciation for the customers requirements and his ability to take a subject and break it down to what I called "me Tarzan you Jane" language was invaluable.

Beyond this, Bob also had a good sense of business and could relate this to the customers. During one of our sales trips to the far east, Bob worked with a very large pipe manufacturer and showed them that even though our product was considerably more expensive, the reduction in downtime for roll changes was so significant that they actually saved money by spending more up front. We got the business and I had a very happy customer and agent.

VVithout question, I can recommend Bob for any position where technical ability, consulting skills, inter-company personnel skills, and customer contact are essential functions of the job.


Michael Weidmayer

International Operations Science Instruments Co. Baltimore, MD